About Us

G-Orient is a leader with more than 35 years of experience and history in the office chair components and fittings industry. We have warehouses and marketing team in major cities throughout Malaysia & Singapore. Offering comprehensive office chair components to office chair manufacturer in the Far East Region. Our system products range from simple screws and nut to sub-assembly of chairs and a host of other fitting vital for the successful implementation of new models to meet world market demand. With our wealth of international knowledge, resources and unrivalled technical knowledge, we have successfully worked together with major office chair manufacturer to produce some of the top notch brand name and office chairs in the world market. As a result of our involvement in the detailed development of seating solutions, we discovered that the chair components and fittings constitute about 60% of the total cost of a finished office chair. The quality and the cost of core components determine the performance and the price of a finished chair to a very large extend compared to the assembly process carried out at the downstream chair factory.

G-Orient is expanding its marketing activities to international level with office chair through E & O. By leveraging E & O's core competency as a professional component designer and provider, we cooperate with various quality chair manufacturers to produce/assemble office chair for E & O on an OEM basis, using G-Orient components and technology. With the relentless effort of E & O engineers and seamless collaborations with the chair factory; today E& O is able to offer to international customers a brand new range of distinct quality office chair at unparalleled competitive price.